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A sad end to our snake re-homing program...

After Months of financial difficulties, we have decided to throw in the towel and not re-home any more snakes, or keep our pet shop licence. We received no backing from anyone and precious little help or support, but for the few who did help by way of donating things to help raise money, A BIG THANK YOU!! We will now concentrate on looking after the 60+ snakes we have re-homed, most of which we purchased ourselves as well as paying to travel to collect them.


A few new corns!

Unfortunately, most of these eggs perished. We think this may have happened because the eggs were laid at night inside a large cave in the parents vivarium, and when we removed them for incubation in the morning, the eggs may have been rolled around by the two adult snakes which were settled on top of the eggs. Rotating snake eggs a short while after being laid usually causes the eggs to die.

Corn snake eggs laid on 28 Jan 2010


Our 1st clutch of corn snake eggs of 2010 have just been laid by Mimi. Mimi looks like she has a lot of Miami in her, but she isn't a 100% Miami corn. We added Mimi to our snake collection in 2009, so we don't know her ancestry.

Mimi's partner was Milkington, a blizzard corn, and like Mimi, we added him in 2009 and have no knowledge of his parents, so we'll just have to wait and see which morphs they produce.

Mimi's eggs are cooking on gas mark 5 :) or to be serious, they are being kept at 30°C in our home made incubator. If all goes well, they should start pipping in late March.

01/01/2010 becomes a 'PET SHOP'

My Husband and I decided in December 2009 to apply for a pet shop licence even though breeding snakes is only a much loved hobby. After being inspected by the Council, our application has been successful and we are now officially, a home based pet shop.

Image of our old cornsnake site

01/12/2009 under goes a makeover.

The image on the right is our old and trusted corn snake site. It's been around for a few Years now, so we decided to give it a slightly 'new look'. We have also substantially updated our snake care, snake mites and snake feeding pages.

We now have a snake starter kit + accessories page, unfortunately, it is not practical to sell any of these online, but they will be available to purchase by visitors to our snake room.